Monday, August 25, 2014

How to Clear the Canon “Check Ink” Error 1487 or 1486 in Canon Printers

Canon Printer Error 1487 or 1486.

The “Check Ink 1487″ and “Check Ink 1486″ error messages will appear when your Canon Pixma printer detects one or more of the cartridges installed is in the incorrect position. The good news is that the printer can actually recognise the cartridge so this issue can usually be resolved with a bit of basic troubleshooting. Despite how similar the slots inside your printer and the Canon Fine cartridges look, the printer will require one black and one colour to be installed regardless of if you are only planning on printing in black/colour.

To stop your Canon printer bringing up these messages and allow you to continue printing I would recommend taking the following steps:
1.    Remove the cartridges from the printer. With any luck your printer software will be identifying a particular cartridge as the cause of this error, if not I would recommend removing both cartridges for the purpose of troubleshooting.
2.    Check cartridge codes are correct. Examine the codes on the labels of the cartridges to ensure you have one each both colour and black installed. If you have any doubts as to which is which or which cartridges are compatible with your printer, please simply Google the model number of your printer/check your manual. The prinheads on the underside of the cartridges are also great for identifying which cartridge is black and which is colour. The colour printhead will have three separate lines in the central metallic plate and the black has a single longer line.

1.    Reinstall the Ink Cartridges. Carefully install each of the two cartridges again, paying close attention to any markings on the body of the printer or on the cartridge cradle to ensure they back into the correct positions.

Your printer will now examine the two installed cartridges and assuming everything is correct the “Check Ink 1487″ or “Check Ink 1486″ message will of disappeared allowing you to continue printing.

If the above solution has not resolved your error, please contact Canon authorised service facility.


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