Thursday, February 4, 2016

How to Fix Error 1890/E40 in Canon MX Series Printers


The protective material for the FINE cartridge holder or tape may remain attached to the holder.


1.      Open the paper output cover, and confirm if there is any protective material or tape still attached to the FINE cartridge holder.
2.      Remove any protective material or tape, and then close the paper output cover.
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  1. What is the FINE cartridge holder, what does it look like? I have spent at least two hours now trying to find the protective material. This description did not help.

  2. OK, I hope this helps someone. Just above the paper output door is a platform that will lift straight up for just a few inches. Lift it up and it will reveal on the right hand side an orange square of plastic about an inch on each side. It is attached to a piece of orange tape. Pull on the tape and it will lift out the plastic thing which looks a little like a little bable with legs. This solves the problem. Toss the little orange thing. I don't know why Canon can't provide better instructions online or on paper with the printer. The Pixma 5620 printer and scanner is a very good product.

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  5. I have removed all the protective paper and i am still getting error 1890

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