Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How to Fix Error 2500 and 2700 in Canon MX Series Printers

2500 - Orange light blinking 11 times


Automatic print head alignment failed.


1.      Press the [Resume/Cancel] button on the device to clear the error.
2.      Perform the automatic print head alignment process.
For instructions on how to do this please select your
product. Then view the available FAQ's or alternatively download a user manual if needed.

Error Code: 2700 : Call Now +1-855-517-2433


This error occurred due to one of the following reasons -
  • An error occurred while copying.
  • The document is still in the ADF.
  • An error occurred while scanning and the document is still in the ADF.

1.      When copying, press the [OK] button to dismiss the error, and try to copy again.
2.      If the document is still in the ADF, press the [OK] button to feed out the document.
3.      When scanning, press the [Stop] button to cancel, and then try scanning again. 
If the above solution has not resolved your error, please contact Canon authorised service 855-517-2433.


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