Tuesday, May 2, 2017

How to Fix Error 2102 in Canon MX Series Printers.

Error Code: 2102
The machine has detected that the paper has been fed aligned to one side.
1.      Load the paper into the centre of the front tray and then slide the paper guides to align with the both edges of the paper stack.
2.      Press the machine's [OK] button to dismiss the error.


  1. In order to fix this error when avery paper is loaded, just remove the top adhesive strip (the one with the loading arrows).

  2. No, remove ALL the adhesive flashing around the labels. Otherwise some will get stuck in the printer and it's veyr hard to get out.

  3. OMG THANK YOU! Man, I have been so ticked about it not printing my labels. Easy fix after hours of trying to figure it out. Thanks!!!